Why is this website for you?
  • Hikers and cyclists are a lucrative target group for your overnight accommodation. After all, Europe has millions of active hikers and cyclists and these active people travel considerably and spend a lot on accommodation – particularly in the quieter low seasons.
  • My websites offer a wide range of popular and attractive hiking and cycling routes (over 500,000 km) with just the right information for hikers and cyclists. The sites are very effective, even on a mobile phone, so your accommodation can be found easily both when planning a trip or en route.
  • Your accommodation gets its own high-end page with photos, details, possible package deals, hiking and cycling maps and an overview of trails in your area. We ensure your accommodation is listed and marked on all nearby hiking and cycling routes and translate your page into different languages.
  • Your accommodation page will be placed on different websites so as to increase coverage in different countries.
  • The high ranking in Google and the number of visitors to the site are also proof of our success.
  • Our fast growth is not only because of the site’s user-friendliness, but also because of the affordable cost of listing that lowers the threshold for subscribing.
How the site works

The setup of the site is unique and efficient. The user selects a particular route and immediately sees an overview on the map of all nearby accommodation. By selecting an accommodation, they get to see all the information about the place including photos, facilities, specific information and the distance to all the trails nearby – a unique feature.
The site visitor then gets in touch with you directly.
We’re continually developing so as to be able to help our target group even more with finding suitable overnight accommodation.
You can contact us to find out more. If you would like to register your accommodation, click here.